Asia Mohammadi


About Me


I studied Classical Homeopathy at the Berkeley Institute of Homeopathy, and recently graduated from the 3 year program as a classical homeopath.

For a long time I have had the urge to pursue a career in which I can help others. The first choice I made was to study Psychology, in which I received a B.A. degree. What I learned has provided a good basis for understanding people and the ways in which we individually differ in facing life.

But then I found Homeopathy through a close family member for whom it has done wonders. I fell in love with it immediately. I started studying it, and am still completely fascinated by it. Since then I have witnessed so many individuals achieve greater health, including myself.

My goal is to help heal as many individuals as I can, in the most gentle manner possible - this is what homeopathy offers.

I recently also became CEASE Therapy certified. For those cases, in which Classical Homeopathy can only help in limited ways, CEASE Therapy is an effective way to detox and remove obstacles to cure.

I practice in the Denver/Boulder Area in Colorado. Occasionally when it is better for the situation I do house visits, although I am also open to meeting online via VSee and Skype for consultations, if location is a problem.