Colorado Vaccine Exemptions.

Almost three years ago we moved to Denver, as medical refugees from California. We had decided to not vaccinate our children and this option had been taken from public school children in the state. After searching for places, we chose Denver, where I can be a practicing homeopath as well as keep my children healthy in the way that I have learned best - through nature and with the least interference necessary.

3 years have passed and a bill has been introduced into Colorado legislature that would severely limit doctors’ ability to write medical exemptions, as well as force parents who want to use personal belief/religious exemptions in order to keep their children from being vaccinated, to go through a “re-education” class as well as sign a state provided form that will have many statements that I do agree to be facts. In fact, these statements are based in the ideology of vaccination, which, with research being done all over the world, and history being dug up (read the amazing book Dissolving Illusions, in resources), have been widely refuted. Yet, there is this mad push by the pharmaceutical companies to mandate these injections. Fear mongering about what was known as benign childhood diseases, of which mortality rates were near zero before vaccines where ever introduced (thank you plumbing, hygiene, sanitation, good nutrition), is rampant in the news as well as on social media. When did we unlearn that measles complication can be well prevented in most with adequate nutrition and vitamin A protocol? Is it because there’s a vaccine to sell? How come leprosy isn’t all over the news even there’s more cases that measles? Is it because there is no vaccine?

We are still waiting for the official study of completely nonvaccinated und fully vaccinated (per today’s schedule) to compare health outcomes. Which population is healthier? Odds seem quite in favor of the nonvaccinated children. Yes they had higher rates of infectious diseases as to be expected, but these are self limiting and usually overcome without complication in our society, with the benefit of lifelong immunity afterwards in most cases. In terms of chronic disease, it is the vaccinated that deal much more with ear infections, allergies, asthma, autism, diabetes, ADHD, list goes on and on. Journal of Translational Science

Vaccines are not test against true placebos. Usually its another vaccines, or the ingredients in the vaccine minus the antigen. Therefore the results can claim product safety when placebo group does just as badly healthwise. In most of the HPV vaccine trials, the aluminum adjuvant was used as placebo. there was one control group with actual placebo - but their results where combined with the Al group… and, to top it off, and the end of the study, they gave the control group the vaccine anyway - effectively eliminating any future comparison of worth between those groups. This is how a vaccine, that causes 2.3 % autoimmune issues within 6 months of injection, can be claimed safe and given to millions of adolescent girls. And now boys, too, who don’t even have a cervix. The girls in the studies are still not yet the age at which cervical cancer would even be an issue, yet vaccine is claimed to be effective. Read the horror story of the HPV vaccine for yourself!

SInce the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986, we are no longer able to sue the manufacturers of vaccines if an injury/death happens after a vaccine. Is there any other product in the world that enjoys this level of protection from its consumers? And this is now to become mandatory?

Here is a fascinating deposition with Dr. Stanley Plotkin. He is considered the godfather of vaccines, and in the video you see him trying to deny information over and over, yet he is under oath so he can’t quite do so. A medical textbook, which he himself wrote, he calls the real bible. Truly ironic, because this entire pro-vaccine-push-movement is deeply based in such an ideology of vaccination. I know it is very long (9 parts, each about an hour), but so informative.

HB19-1312 is a horrific bill, even if it is not taking exemptions away just yet. It follows the unfortunate path of California, which is now under medical tyranny. Don’t let this happen in Colorado!

The hearing for HB19-1312 was supposed to be today, but was postponed due to bad weather. If you live here in Colorado and care about your and your childrens’ medical freedom, come join us at the Capitol, Monday, April 15th at 1:30 for the hearing of this bill.

Here is the full text of HB19-1312.