How do I take the remedies?

Do not consume anything 15 minutes prior to and after taking a remedy. This includes smoking and brushing teeth. Drinking water is ok.

When taking pellets, pour them into the cap and from there into your mouth, ideally under your tongue to dissolve.
Do not touch pellets directly with your hands.


How do i store the remedies?

Keep remedy bottles, sealed tightly, in a cool dark place (not the refrigerator).

Store away from direct sunlight, electronics, perfumes and other strong odors.


What to expect after taking a remedy?

There may be changes in any area of your life - moods, sleep pattern, food preferences, and symptoms you've been experiencing may change or vanish. Try not to introduce new treatments/products in the beginning, so that we can properly track changes and improvements. These are helpful to know how well your remedy matches your state.