Live Oak Acorn (Quercus Agrifolia Agrifolia)


    Mind, Activity, desire for, creative
    Mind, Alone
    Mind, Alone, amel    
    Mind, Ambition, ambitious
    Mind, Ambition, ambitious, achieve things, desire to
    Mind, Anger, family, toward
    Mind, Anxiety, conscience, of

    Mind, Cares, Worries, full of
    Mind, Censorious, critical
    Mind, Communicative, expansive alternating with taciturn
    Mind, Company, aversion to    
    Mind, Confidence, self, in
    Mind, Concentration, difficult, attempting to, on
    Mind, Confrontational
    Mind, Connection, desire for     
    Mind, Connection, feeling of    
    Mind, Contact, desire for reality and real people
    Mind, Cursing, driving a car, while

    Mind, Delusions, imaginations, connected, everything is    
    Mind, Delusions, imaginations, numb, being
    Mind, Delusions, imaginations, voices, hears
    Mind, Detached
    Mind, Detached, relationships, from emotional    
    Mind, Direct, open, blunt        
    Mind, Dreams, family, own
    Mind, Dreams, voice, voices, calling
    Mind, Disgust

    Mind, Emotions, controlled by the intellect, need to be
    Mind, Enthusiasm
    Mind, Escape, desire to     
    Mind, Exhilaration, alternating with sadness
    Mind, Exhilaration, alternating with irritability

    Mind, Forgetfulness
    Mind, Fright, fear agg, ailments from

    Mind, Homesickness, nostalgia
    Mind, Honest
    Mind, Hopefulness
    Mind, Horrible things, sad stories affect profoundly, mental andemotional consequences

    Mind, Impatience    
    Mind, Impatience, family, with
    Mind, Impatience, reading, from
    Mind, Indifference, apathy, duties, to
    Mind, Indifference, apathy, duties to, domestic    
    Mind, Intolerance
    Mind, Introspection    
    Mind, Introspection, awareness of surroundings, with
    Mind, Irresolution, indecision
    Mind, Irritability, alone, desires to be
    Mind, Irritability, company agg
    Mind, Irritability, distraction, from
    Mind, Irritability, night agg
    Mind, Irritability, people, with

    Mind, Joy, alt w/ irritability

    Mind, Malicious, vindictive
    Mind, Memory, weakness, loss of; put objects, for where he has
    Mind, Misunderstood, feels
    Mind, Mood, alternating
    Mind, Mood, changeable, variable    

    Mind, Optimism

    Mind, Patience    

    Mind, Quiet, wants to be    

    Mind, Reading, aversion to
    Mind, Relaxed feeling, letting go        
    Mind, Restlessness, nervousness, reading, agg
    Mind, Seen, wants to be
    Mind, Sensitive
    Mind, Sensitive, oversensitive    
    Mind, Sensitive, oversensitive, energies, to all, personal
    Mind, Sensitive, oversensitive, people, to
    Mind, Shrieking, screaming, shouting

    Mind, Taciturn, indisposed to talk
    Mind, Thoughts, clearness of    
    Mind, Thoughts, collect, cannot
    Mind, Thoughts, disconnected
    Mind, Thoughts, distracted
    Mind, Thoughts, intrude and crowd around each other
    Mind, Thoughts, rush, flow of
    Mind, Thoughts, thoughtful, himself, about
    Mind, Tranquility, serenity, calmness    
    Mind, Tranquility, serenity, calmness, settled, centered and grounded

    Mind, Violence, vehemence
    Mind, Violence, vehemence, trifles, about
    Mind, Vulnerable, emotionally

    Mind, Work, routine, aversion to
    Mind, Writing, desire for

    Head, Pain, Headache, intermittent, occiput
    Head, Pain, headache, lancinating, occiput, to
    Head, Pain, headache, morning, agg, noon, until
    Head, Pain, headache, sleep, after    
    Head, Pain, headache, temples, ext upward
    Head, Pain, headache, weeping, from    
    Head, Tension
    Head, Tension, motion agg

    Face, Pain, nose, eyes, and between

    Eye, Pain, burning, smarting, biting, left
    Eye, Pain, pressing, right
    Eye, Pain, right

    Vision, Blurred

External Throat
    Neck, Pain, sore, bruised, left
    Neck, tension, sides, right

    Stomach, nausea, morning
    [Stomach, nausea, emotions]

     Abdomen, Breathing, amel, deeply
    Abdomen, Pain, position, change of, must, amel
    Abdomen, Pain, umbilical region, ext, chest, to
    Abdomen, Pain, umbilical region, ext, downward

    Chest, Pulsation, sides, left

    Heart, Palpitations, anxiety, without

    Back, Dorsal region, scapulae, left
    Back, Pain, ext to legs
    Back, Pain, pinching, lumbar region
    Back, Pain, sore, bruised, left
    Back, Pain, sleep, during
    Back, Pain, standing, agg
    Back, Tension, right

    Extremities, Pain, hips, left
    Extremities, Pain, morning, agg
    Extremities, Pain, sciatica, sciatic nerve; sitting, agg
    Extremities, Pain, shooting, hips, right
    Extremities, Pain, thighs, drawing up legs, amel
    Extremities, Shoulders, left
    Extremities, Tension, shoulders, left

    Sleep, Bad    
    Sleep, Heavy
    Sleep, Refreshing
    Sleep, Short
    Sleep, Sleepiness, waking, on
    Sleep, Unrefreshing

    Generalities, Food and drinks, alcohol, alcoholic drinks, desires
    Generalities, Food and drinks, cakes, desires
    Generalities, food and drinks, chocolate, desires
    Generalities, food and drinks, eating, after, overeating
    Generalities, food and drinks, eating, after, satiety, to
    Generalities, Food and drinks, sweets, desires
    Generalities, Food and drinks, sweets, amel
    Generalities, Heat
    Generalities, Heat, flushes of
    Generalities, Heat, flushes of, daytime
    Generalities, Heat, flushes of, loosening clothes amel
    Generalities, Pain, bed, in
    Generalities, Trembling, nervous


Proposed Rubrics
    [Mind, anger, express, desire to]
     Mind, Connection, desire for [, with strangers]
    [Mind, Conscious, everything, of]
    [Mind, Delusions, disconnected, others, from]
    [Mind, Delusions, imaginations, stories, others, about]
    [Mind, Decisions, made easily]
    [Mind, Delusion, acknowledged, his presence is]
    [Mind, Delusions, flower, blooming, feels like a]
    [Mind, Dislike, everyone, of]
    [Mind, Emotions, intense]
    [Mind, Emotions, Night agg]
    [Mind, Empathy, compassion]
    [Mind, Focused]
    [Mind, Happiness, happiness, of others, for the]
    [Mind, Inspired, trifles, by]
    [Mind, Prioritizing]
    [Mind, Intolerance, emotional numbing, self, of]
     Mind, Relaxed feeling, letting go, [acquaintances, around]
    [Mind, Sadness, disconnection, sense of, others, with]
    [Mind, Self-aware]
    [Mind, Sensitive, emotions, to, of others]
    [Mind, Tired, sudden feeling of being]
    [Mind, Thankful, grateful]
     Mind, Thoughts, clearness of [, lack of sleep, despite]

    [Head, Tension, hat, from]
    [Head, Tension, pressure, agg]

    [Stomach, nausea, emotions]

    [Generalities, Food and drinks, alcohol, alcoholic drinks, hard liquor, desires]